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About Us

L.R.S. Cigars LLC is a black women owned boutique cigar company offering premium hand rolled cigars. Born in the heart of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia), we were established in 2021.

Our foundation is built on integrity, professionalism, commitment, and respect in all that we do. The COMMITMENT to our customers is to provide top notch service, ensure satisfaction with your purchase and keep you coming back for more. But don’t take our word try us for yourself!!

Because we value your business QUALITY is never compromised. No matter what product you choose, you can be confident that we are providing you with products of the highest caliber.

L.R.S. Cigars LLC owners, LaShawn, Rochelle and Sherri came together to bring a long-time dream to fruition. Many have asked what our motivation was. Truth is nothing grandiose, just a wonderful woman with a huge vision to join in the excitement of this male dominated cigar world. When Rochelle posed the idea, it was a no brainer. It afforded us the opportunity to form a great partnership and do something different all while having a little fun. Many times, we’d talk about starting our own business while indulging in a favorite pastime – sipping, smoking and relaxing. By the way, this is a Family Affair!!

We Are Licensed Tobacconist

We Offer Premium Hand Rolled Cigars

If You Have Questions Contact Us At:

[email protected]



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